Adweek and Flixel run advertising pilot with blockchain start-up.
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[Adweek]( and [Flixel]( run advertising pilot with blockchain start-up Adbank.

[Flixel ad powered by Adbank](

***What’s Flixel?***

Flixel are the creators of the Apple Design Award Winner [*Cinemagraph Pro*]( and have created award winning campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. The objective of the campaign was to demonstrate transparency and speed of payments using the [Adbank Network]( and the ADB token.

Robert Lendvai, CMO of Flixel, was positive about the experience and Adbank’s approach.

>*“Blockchain’s value in the broken digital advertising ecosystem is undeniable. Adbank has shown that they get these problems on a fundamental level and has an approach that shows empathy for the challenges faced by both advertisers and publishers. It’s refreshing to finally have data that is trustworthy and transparent.”* **— Robert Lendvai, Flixel CMO**

***Previously*** Adbank impressed by getting an Austrian government body (ANTO) to participate in a pilot programme. Michael Scheuch, Head of Brand Management for ANTO, had this to say about working with the up and coming cryptocurrency startup:

>*“We are actively positioning Austria to be one of the premier global destinations to visit all year round. In the pilot with Adbank, one of the more interesting blockchain applications in the advertising sector, we hope to overcome on a global scale various difficulties within classic online advertising.” (*[*Forbes, 2018*](*)*

It doesn’t end here, though. Adbank also has another notable player in the mix, with Red Bull Media House providing inventory on the publisher side via their alpine lifestyle publication Bergwelten. The Red Bull team agreed to participate in the campaign using Adbank’s technology after a visit by the Adbank team to their headquarters in Salzburg, Austria in April.

***Be a role model***

Adbank already joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to start a blockchain committee. By doing this, Adbank joins the rank of high profile members, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, L’oreal, McDonald’s and many more. And yes, I did just mention Adbank in the same sentence as some of world’s biggest brands. President of the IAB Canada stated: “Blockchain will have a profound impact on Ad tech in the coming years. We are excited to launch our IAB Canada blockchain committee, with Adbank amongst its founding members.” ([Adbank, 2018](

***Making name***

In addition, QNY Creative, a creative agency that works with brands such as National Geographic and IHG Hotels, is partnering with Adbank to leverage its blockchain technology for the advertising industry and the Ethereum-based ADB token in a series of pilot campaigns for their clients. Just to mention some of their clients in addition to the first two mentioned previously; Ferrari, Levi’s, L’Oreal and Del Monte are all clients of QNY Creative. ([NullTX, 2018](

Adbank is on a highway to becoming the number one blockchain-based Adtech business. With today’s announcement, they will forever be the first blockchain-based Adtech company to partner with a government body. This is a huge step, not just for Adbank but for the entire crypto space. As the title states, they earned a title that can never be taken away from them.

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