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An incredible 5,000,000 APH were committed in the first 4 hours. Nearly 7M in the first 24 hours.



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  1. Ian… I have so so many questions for you that you flat out refuse to answer on any medium I try. If you won’t answer me, at least maybe some of the Aphelion fans would like to know how many of your previous businesses didn’t pan out and some huge red flags I would shut up about if you just answered me… 1. Failed Businesses https://cuindependent.com/2007/04/22/web-site-directs-bar-hoppers-to-dance-clubs/ Weird app failure http://orionadtech.com/ Some weird company that does….. ? https://twitter.com/orionadtech Nice!

    Your AMA, why are there no answers in it? Were they deleted after the AMA?
    On telegram you stated “[Forwarded from Aphelion Ian] We could use community help to alert the listed tokens communities they they are now available to be trading on the DEX. We’ve alerted the community admins but we need more active liquidity from those tokens communities and teams…most initial trading is just GAS and NEO APH pairs. Thats your liquidity plan? To have other tokens promote yours? Why would they not just list on like binance and promote it theirs that way?
    What happened with your daughter and the $2,000? https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5276059823001/?#sp=show-clips
    Why is Aphelion in St. Kitts, you in barcelona (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianholtz/) and yet you claim to be an american citizen?
    You said in another thread you rushed some features https://www.reddit.com/r/NEO/comments/9n9qu2/aphelion_dex_live_first_24_hours_review/. Did you do this to try and capitalize as much as you could before NEX comes in to swallow up all of your business?
    What are your responses to your users and investors in response to APH worth sub .06 (a 23% dip after main net launch) and an exchange posting an abysmal ~<5,000 in volume and only collecting 7.248 APH in fees
    Why is APH trading free if your exchange wants to be a fee sharing dex?
    Trading competitions are not Decentralized. They have to be managed by a party (like your team). What say you in response to this and your exchanges intentions to host some?
    People in your telegram have commented that APH is a non-profit. If thats the case, non-profits are already given tax deductions.. why have your company in a known tax haven?

  2. trading volume will probably pick up after a while, traders need to get awarnes of this Dex, imo there are still a lot of uneducated Crypto-User about the Decentralized Possibillities.
    More Centralized Marketing pls 🙂

  3. Looking good so far, although order books are still quite empty and almost no volume (but this is expected as it just launched).

    One thing I don’t really like is that as a taker you need to have APH to pay for trading fees. I think the exchange really needs an option to automatically buy the exact amount of APH needed to cover fees when you don’t own APH and place a taker order.


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