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A new startup working on decentralized payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and looking to release their private beta version to a limited group of users on 2nd week of December 2018. The team is actively improving the product. If you would like to join the beta launch, you may register at [https://atomicpay.io](https://atomicpay.io/?fbclid=IwAR30kWjtEnPOI8E614XLlCQ7Qnmz5OeRUOfVJXZH4MfnvBQSG-__3e-IAdU)

AtomicPay is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment processor that eliminates the involvement of a third-party gateway, allowing merchants to receive funds directly from their customers, in a secured and trustless environment.

* Decentralized & Non-Custodial
* No Private Keys Required
* Direct P2P Transfer
* Receive Payments in Seconds
* Trustless Validation
* Full Support For SegWit
* No Address Reuse
* Support 156 Fiat Currencies
* Customer Data Privacy
* No Chargebacks & Frauds

**Key Features:**

* QuickPay
* Payment Buttons
* Point of Sale (POS)
* PayURL
* API Integration
* eCommerce plugins

**Join the Private Beta List and be the first to use AtomicPay**

It is a limited invitation list for the private beta launch this Dec 2018! Beta users will receive free BTC credits to process $1000 USD of transactions for FREE! Register for Private Beta at [https://atomicpay.io/](https://atomicpay.io/)

**Here is a sneak video preview of AtomicPay BETA:**


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